July is an important moment for our subcontractors, 11 are selected for this next season 2019 – 2020; to sow, dismember and pot (repot in the jargon of nurserymen) for each of these partners a godsend to be able to work with EcoFormation.
Why? These young nurserymen, ex-apprentices whom we trained and then supported to create microenterprises, produce each year in subcontracting +/- 40’000 plants that we buy back during the rainy season (from mid-December to the end of March) 0.25 cts each.
During 5 months, these partners mobilize and employ local workers (30 to 40 per nursery), generally members of the family, who would otherwise have no work, no income.
This is why, according to our charter, we are proud to contribute to the development of these micro-businesses and to create local jobs.

News Juillet

We could multiply these future seedlings by 8 billion, 1 tree per inhabitant… why not? Thinking of all that could be achieved if people and organizations were mobilized!
Without being an alarmist, without being an unconscious enlightened person, the wall against which we are going to move closer and closer, what are we doing to stop the destruction of our environment? An implacable logic was born: deforestation, savannahisation, desertification and famine.
Of course we are not all-powerful, but at the level of the individual, the family unit, the commune or the canton, are there measures to temporarily compensate for our excess CO2 emissions, all that we release into the air during events, festivals, concerts, etc.?